Pierce Brosnan on Robin Williams

The comedian’s Mrs. Doubtfire co-star remembers struggling to keep a straight face.

While speaking to writer Logan Hill for MAXIM‘s September “Icon” interview, Pierce Brosnan reflected on his experience working with the late Robin Williams on the set of 1993’s Mrs. Doubtfire

I was so proud of getting that job and still am proud of being part of such a cherished movie. It was in the script that Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire hits me with a bunch of fruit; he throws a lime at my head. And we came to do the scene and I thought, ‘shit man, this is going to take all day, the first one he missed me by a mile. The second one I was walking away and he nailed me in the back of the ol’ Irish noggin. 

The choking sequence around that table went on for days; well it went on for at least 3 days, filming that sequence. And it was just hilarious because they dismissed the children, we did my close up and it was just Robin and I and Robin is talking about the kids and the wife and the filth that came out of his mouth. The most joyous, humorous, naughtiness that came out of his mouth, I could hardly get through the take.

Photos by 20th Century Fox / Everett Collection