This Paralympian With No Arms Only Needs His Mouth to Smoke You in Ping Pong

Ibrahim Hamato is a goddamn champ.


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When Ibrahim Hamato was 10 years old, he was hit by a train. The accident took his arms, but not his love of sports. The 43-year-old Egyptian threw himself into soccer, a natural fit given his lack of arms. 

But then he wanted a challenge, so he took up ping pong. “Three years after my accident I tried by holding the racket under my arm and after I finished I held the paddle with my mouth to put it on the table, and this is when the idea of playing using my mouth came to me,” he told the site KingFut

But finding a way to hold the racket wasn’t his only difficulty. He also needed to toss the ball in order to serve. So he used his toes.

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Hamato qualified for Rio by finishing second in the African Championships. Sadly his Paralympic journey ended without him winning a medal (or a single match) but there’s little doubt that this dude is already an absolute champ.