Take Retro Into the Future By Playing ‘Duck Hunt’ In Virtual Reality

The dog is still a jerk.

Virtual reality is becoming the next big thing in video games. As the Oculus VR, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and the multitude of other devices come closer to their release dates, we’re going to see some very cool applications for the technology showing up. A shining example is this conversion of Duck Hunt for the NES to a functional VR game.

Computer science student Joseph Delgado managed to get Duck Hunt to run through a Python script that transfers game visuals to virtual walls on which the player can view them. He even programmed in a 3D model of the zapper so players have a visual cue for aiming.

It’s exciting to see what industrious tech-savvy video game fans may develop using VR tech. Imagine taking a stroll through all of your childhood favorite games. Something that was nothing more than sci-fi a few years ago is now coming to pass, the future is now.

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