Play Free Fantasy Hoops Against Our Hometown Hottie

Play Free Draftstreet fantasy b-ball against Dominique Storelli for a chance to win $350.

Play Free Draftstreet fantasy b-ball against Dominique Storelli for a chance to win $350.

Sports are always more fun when you have something on the line.  That’s why the folks at Draftstreet are giving Maxim readers an exclusive, free fantasy basketball contest with $350 in cash prizes. The freeroll is for games on this Friday, March 2nd. There is absolutely no reason not to join and give yourself a chance to earn money this weekend while watching the NBA action.

Entering is easy. Simply click this handy link, create a DraftStreet account, and you’ll be on your way. 

We’re using salary cap rules, which means you start off with a budget of $100,000 and then “buy” your players based on their salary caps. For instance, you can blow over 20% of your budget on Dwayne Wade for $17,352 and use whatever is left over to pick up some undiscovered talent. Or you can thoughtfully choose your players like a miserly Scrooge.

The player salaries are created using high-tech algorithms that accurately project how many points each player will put up, so crying that your beloved Lebron James is too expensive is no one’s fault but Mr. James’.

During the games, points will be handed out to the players in the usual Fantasy team style.

Points = 1 point

Rebounds = 1.25 points

Assists = 1.5 points

Steal = 2 points

Block = 2 points

Turnovers = -1 point

Missed Free Throw = -.05 points

Missed Field Goal = -0.5 points

Get the most points from the team you created, and you win! For the complete Draftstreet rules, click here. 

The prize pool for this game is $350, with payouts going to the top 7 places. ($125, $80, $55, $40, $25, $15, and $10.)

Hometown Hottie winner Dominique Storelli is playing along and if you can beat or tie with this lovely fantasy woman, you have another chance to win big. And don’t let her win just because she’s pretty!

We’ll randomly select one player who successfully defeated the lovely Dominique, and that winner will walk away with the new iStomp, the perfect gadget for real life guitar heroes. The iPod device can become any pedal your inner rocker needs. (Official Rules Here)

Dominique’s picks were rather interesting as she chose Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks, telling us, “He’s badass. He’s always been good. And I like the name Dirk; it’s like Dirk Diggler.” She also chose brothers Pau and Marc Gasol in the center positions because, “It just felt right.”

She’s up for the challenge, adding, “If I get some points, rebounds and steals, I got this! The fans are in for a challenge.”

Her complete team is listed below. Beat that!

More Dominique

Click here to enter the freeroll at

Official Rules to win an iStomp