Finally, You’ll Be Able to Play All Those Old Xbox 360 Games on Your Xbox One

No more system-swapping for you. 

Still have a massive collection of Xbox 360 games that you’d like to play every now and then without digging out the old system? You’re in luck. Beginning November 12, the same day the Xbox One will be receiving an update to its Dashboard, Xbox 360 games will become playable on Xbox One.

This won’t suddenly allow you to play every single game from your collection at once, though. At launch, over 100 titles will be supported (either downloadable games or physical copies) but Microsoft promises there will be more in the next few months.

This announcement isn’t new by any means, but previously we were all left waiting for some sort of concrete date after an announcement made during E3 2015 that backwards compatibility would indeed be coming. After a closed beta open to certain players took place in June, we were left wondering when to expect functionality for all, or what games to expect to be able to play at launch.

Luckily, November 12 isn’t too far away, and the new UI update is going to change a whole lot more than what you can play. It’s touted as a huge overhaul for the system, making it easier to find things, faster, and more interactive. See the new look in the video below, and start digging out some of those older games to try out.