Playlist of the Week: ‘All Day,’ Flight Facilities, and Lorde

Here’s what we’re listening to right now.

After months of demo leaks and a performance at the BRIT Awards, Kanye West has finally released the official studio version of “All Day,” his newest single featuring Theophilus London and Allan Kingdom off the upcoming album So Help Me God. Both gritty and catchy, it’s safe to say you won’t be able to not hear this song on the radio for the next six months. 

If you need a break from the workday, not only should you listen to “Down To Earth” by Australian EDM duo Flight Facilities, but you should also watch the music video, featuring a dancing Sam Rockwell. Rivaling Christopher Walken’s “Weapon of Choice” performance, Rockwell literally kicks and twists his way through the music video and simultaneously into our hearts.

Currently sitting atop both the Billboard and the Twitter Top 100 charts, it seems like Ed Sheeran can do no wrong. Check out his cover of Christina Aguilera’s naughty hit, “Dirrty” (he even slays the Redman rap).

“Pizza Guy” by Touch Sensitive is the perfect song to take your mind off the frigid cold outside. Close your eyes, bop your head and imagine yourself on a warm beach somewhere far, far away.

NYC- based duo The Knocks recently unveiled “Dancing With Myself,” the first single from their debut album 55. While we don’t usually like doing things by ourselves (we prefer the company of Bianca Santos for example), this song is so addicting we’re willing to make the exception.

The Wombats’ latest single “Greek Tragedy” from their upcoming album


(set for release on April 6th) just makes me happy. And we want you to be happy, too. 

Tei Shi’s “Bassically” is the perfect mix of electro/synth pop to will help you chill out/zone out whether you’re in the office or taking it to the streets.

Now, if you really need to chill out, listen to Lorde’s “Swingin Party.” Her voice is sure to be the cure of what ails you.

Photos by Roger Kisby/Getty Images for TAO Downtown