Playlist of the Week: Autograf

This Chicago-based trio is bringing you the future. 

What happens when three artists meet through the underground party scenes of the Windy City? Enter Autograf. Comprised of Chicago natives, Louis, Jake, and Mikul, what started out as an artistic venture, suddenly turned into an electronic music experience that has piqued the ears of everyone in the music industry (as well as the Internet with over 12 million streams on Soundcloud alone).

With the shared dream of changing the world through the creation of art, the trio collaborated to create a unique, genre-bending sound they call “Future” music. Couple this music of the future with a live show designed utilizing their artistic backgrounds (we’re talking everything from sculpture, painting, street art, metalworking, robotics and electronics) and few comparisons can be made.

With the Maxim family in mind, Autograf created a playlist the portrays what they’re into, what inspires them and what they’re listen to right now. On the playlist: “In the last year, we’ve spent a lot of time at beaches, festivals, night clubs and concert venues. Everything has happened so fast and it all feels like a surreal dream. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that we were working day jobs (or in the case of Jake, welding in a factory), so we wanted to make a playlist that embodied this entire journey. We’ve included music you can jam out to at the beach, dance your ass off at the club, or listen to while working at a computer wishing you were by the pool. Naturally, the playlist has a lot of our own tunes, after all our music is a byproduct of our lives and the art that we create from it. Anyways, enough talk. Music isn’t meant to be described in words, it’s meant to be listened to. A picture is worth a thousand words, so come vibe out to this painting that we’ve created. Enjoy!”

Want more? Check out Autograf at the ELEMENTS Music and Arts Festival this weekend in Brooklyn and follow Maxim on Spotify.