Playlist of the Week: The Delta Saints

This Nashville-based quintet is bringing a stripped-down blues-rock sound to a speaker near you.

Meet the self-proclaimed purveyors of “bourbon-fueled bayou rock,” The Delta Saints. Pulling inspiration from the likes of the Black Keys, My Morning Jacket and Led Zeppelin, these Nashville-bred boys offer an eclectic sound that is not only rocking, but also refreshing. As big bass meets deep blues, gritty lyrics and groovy electronics, The Delta Saints will simply show you a helluva good time. 

Released August 7th by Loud & Proud Records, the band’s latest album ,Bones, was produced, engineered and mixed by Third Man Records alum, Eddie Spear (who has assisted on projects with Jack White, Arctic Monkeys and Neil Young to name a few). To give us a taste of what inspires, soothes and entices these dudes in their off time, we had The Delta Saints curated a playlist for your listening pleasure.

“We’ve sectioned our playlist out into the five stages of an average day. The first stage (Songs 1-3) are for the early morning overcast drives. These are generally reflective, somewhat homesick, or hungover. Stage 2 (Songs 4-8) are for the early afternoon, when the sun starts breaking through, and the overall emotional state is easing back to par. Stage 3 (Songs 9-12) are for the early evening, once you’ve reached beer number 2.5 and are feeling the first pangs of excitement and optimism for the forthcoming evening. Stage 4 (Songs 13 and 14) are for the warm state of semi-intoxicated, when you’re not afraid to get a little weird and dance. And finally, Stage 5 (Song 15), the most important stage. This is when you’re trying for that special sexy time with someone. Donny Hathaway, always.”

Check out the playlist below. Enjoy!

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