Playlist of the Week: Mija

Meet Mija, a rising star of EDM. 

Based in downtown LA, Mija (aka Amber Giles) is quickly establishing herself as a DJ you should know. Following her remix of Major Lazor’s “Be Together,” the 23-year-old Phoenix native has just announced 50 new shows as part of her “ world tour” that, in addition to a month in Asia with Skrillex, will see a steady flow of headlining clubs gigs and festivals. With a versatile live show that grooves between genres of house, trap, bass and even hip-hop, we can expect to hear many of her new unreleased tracks soon.

After meeting Mija poolside at this summer’s Splash House, we got to know what motivates her music as well as her love for Maxim Hot 100 newcomerFKA Twigs. “My music is inspired by where I am and what I’m feeling at the time. Traveling and meeting new people is also incredibly inspiring to me.” 

​With a Twitter profile boasting, “shredding a tidal wave of whiskey on a surfboard made out of don’t care,” it’s safe to say this is just the beginning for the down-for-whatever DJ. Check out her latest mix below and catch Mija in a city near you

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