Playlist of the Week: The Music of “Mad Men”

As our favorite TV drama returns for its final season, we bop down memory lane with this “Mad Men” inspired playlist.

Last night’s highly anticipated return of Mad Men Season 7 did not disappoint. While we won’t spoil anything for you, we thought it only appropriate to dedicate this week’s playlist to our favorite television drama as the series reaches its end.

In addition to stellar acting and writing, Mad Men is also known for its impeccable taste in music, marking both monumental moments in the show as well as the time period in which it takes place. Creator, screenwritter and director Matthew Weiner takes his music so seriously in fact, that he once made history by spending $250,000 to secure the rights to The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” – the first time a Beatles song was used in a television series.

From Megan’s sexy rendition of “Zou Bisou Bisou” to Roger and Jane’s Beach Boys-infused LSD trip, we’ve compiled some of our favorite musical moments into a convenient playlist below. (Hey, while you listen, also check out our favorite women of the series.)

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