Playlist of the Week: Newcomer Chris Leamy

An acoustic songwriter found his purpose beneath the streets of New York City. 

Meet Chris Leamy, an up-and-coming singer/songwriter from Chicago currently residing and performing in Manhattan. His solo act is known for a traditional acoustic vibe with a variety of subtle twists ranging from reggae to folk. Whether it’s on stage in NYC or the early morning hours of an after-party, Chris brings the energy you’d expect from someone trying to make it in the Big Apple with his first EP, “The Start.”

Most recently, the musician was inspired by a panhandler on the subway who commented on his guitar, noting she wished she could play an instrument as asking for spare change from strangers would be easier. With that in mind, Chris traveled around the New York City subways and introduced himself to the less unfortunate. From there, he’d open his guitar case, play a set and with every dollar he made he would give it to his new acquaintance. Thus birthed the #heplaysforme movement (which you can follow here).

Have a listen to “The Start” below:

Want more from Chris? Get tickets to his first show at Webster Hall on Friday, May 1st here and follow his adventures + the #heplaysforme movement here

Photos by Ryan Verissimo