Playlist of the Week: X Ambassadors

This Brooklyn-based quartet wants you to hear what they hear. 

It’s time you get to know the X Ambassadors. When vocalist Sam Harris isn’t busy co-writing songs like Rihanna’sAmerican Oxygen,” you can find the band featured on Zedd’s newest single “Transmission” as well as at the center of JEEP TV’s latest campaign. Now, with their own single “Renegades” climbing the Billboard Hot 100, we checked in with X Ambassadors to see what inspires them and what they’re listening to right now. 

“We are a band with eclectic influences that constantly change. We all are students of music and take everything into creative consideration. To pin down our musical compass in one playlist would be impossible, but here’s one tip of the iceberg…”

Enjoy their curated playlist below and keep up with the X Ambassadors here.