Please Join Us in Celebrating the Most Unfortunate Engagement Photo of All Time

Because butt stuff is forever.

Before we dive into the obvious, let me say that the most egregious part of this engagement photo is that this guy proposed by asking an innocent hibachi chef to clear off his grill and write a sentimental message in rice. Fucking rice. What happened to the good old days when one partner would just ask the other to go down the long, dark tunnel of monogamy with them without making a big, grainy mess all over a restaurant?

Now that I got that out of my system, yes, that says ANAL. Or, more specifically, AN<3AL (but only because BUTT<3STUFF would’ve cleared the restaurant out of their rice supply). According to Someecards, Redditor FunkSiren posted the photo of the unfortunately initialed couple yesterday, presumably after AN popped the big question to AL. Unlike Brangelina or Bennifer, we really think this couple nickname has a certain charm to it—if it’s not a hoax.

And if it’s not, congrats to the lovebirds. Everyone knows the fastest way to someone’s heart is through their butt.