Watch This ‘Price Is Right’ Superfan Lose His Damn Mind After A Record-Breaking Game of Plinko

It was always our favorite pricing game. (Sorry, yodeling mountain climber.)

Price is Right
Image: YouTube/David Eckler

No one has ever been more visibly excited in the history of humanity than Ryan Belz. 

We’re not joking. Belz, clearly a superfan of sick-day stalwart The Price Is Right, absolutely lost his shit when he won an unprecedented $31,500 playing Plinko on the May 25 taping of the show. Watch it happen at the 4:20 mark above.

“There’s only ten of these in existence!” Belz exclaims after being handed his first Plinko chip. Even Drew Carey couldn’t handle this dude’s ridiculous enthusiasm. 

Still, we’re happy he won the big bucks and broke the previous record of $30,500. Just look at his happy mug. 

h/t: Mental Floss