Pokémon Recreated in Grand Theft Auto Is the Weirdest Thing You’ll Watch Today

Starring Pikachu, a yellow man wearing red boxer shorts. 

Catching Pokémon may be protagonist Ash Ketchum’s real test, but if he had to train these grotesque versions of familiar Pocket Monsters, we have to think he’d find a new cause.

In this ingenious video created using the Rockstar Editor tool set in Grand Theft Auto V, the familiar opening scene from the classicPokémon animated series is faithfully recreated with a bit of a macabre flair. Using models from the game, creator Merman has wrought something both hilarious and disturbing with this 30-second clip.

Grand Theft Auto V protagonist Michael De Santa is a shocking yellow shirtless miscreant with Pikachu’s red cheek coloring and red shorts, while Trevor Philips is a 40-year-old Ash who looks as though he leapt out of a homeless shelter. Franklin Clinton isn’t left out of the fun either, as the perpetually squinty-eyed Pewter City gym leader Brock.

Our personal favorite moment may well be the bizarre scene where “Ash” and “Pikachu” are riding on a “Lapras,” or just another character model colored completely blue, out in the ocean. It looks more like some deranged individuals are performing a bizarre sexual act in the water than Ash hitching a ride from a water Pokémon. It’s all solid gold, though, and proof that the internet is awesome. But you already knew that.