Police Raided Lil Wayne’s Miami Mansion Last Night

And they seized millions of dollars worth of stuff. 

Having the cops come in to your house, pick out pieces of your $30 million dollar art collection, and then liquidate it to pay off a debt owed to a private jet company is not the sort of predicament most people find themselves in — unless they’re Lil Wayne

In September the rapper lost a very costly lawsuit filed by Signature Group for failing to make regular payments on his $55,000 per month private jet lease, but Wayne was like “Nah, I’m not paying this debt.” That decision didn’t fly in the eyes of the law and now his stuff is being snatched away from him to make good on what he owes. 

According to the NY Daily News, the police were denied entry when they first arrived at Wayne’s Miami Beach house. But they eventually made it in because, according to Rolling Stone, helicopter footage from the scene captured authorities hauling items from Wayne’s house into a truck, including what appeared to be wrapped artwork.

No one from camp Wayne has commented on the incident yet. Maybe they’re out shopping for new stuff. 

h/t Stereogum

Photos by Getty Images/Ethan Miller