Learn How Seal Got His Scars in Lonely Island’s Hilarious New ‘Popstar’ Trailer

Justin Bieber is not going to like this.

The new trailer for The Lonely Island’s upcoming mockumentary Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping has arrived, and there was any question before whether the movie is taking dead aim at Justin Bieber …. well, there is no question.

Andy Samberg plays Connor4Real, a cross between Bieber and Derek Zoolander, who is desperate to reclaim his pop star glory after his second album tanks —Rolling Stone gives it a poop emoji rating in leiu of any stars. Connor4Real is not a terribly bright guy, but he likes being in the spotlight, a perfect recipe for a PR disaster: Like the time Connor4Real does something highly inappropriate during a visit to the Anne Frank house. Sound familiar?

Sarah Silverman co-stars as Connor4Real’s agent, and the new trailer reveals a cameo from pop balladeer Seal, who finally explains how he got his signature facial scars. (Remember, it’s a mockumentary.)

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping opens June 3.