PornHub Is Thrusting Into a Brand New Market

Get ready to see the adult site where you wouldn’t expect to.

Those brilliant publicity hounds over at PornHub are at it again. Ever mindful of their core audience, the adult video super site is attempting to put itself in front of millions of European men every weekend by plastering its name on the front an Italian soccer club’s jersey

PornHub hasn’t yet found a taker, but it’s hoping to land a sponsorship deal with a Series A squad for 2016. If the site’s serious about this, it better be prepared to pony up: landing your company’s name on the front of a top Italian team’s jersey can run as much as a $18 million a year

The adult may face some trouble, though. Vice Sportsnotes that the PornHub scored a sponsorship of the Rutherford Raiders at the University of Kent back in 2014, but the team was quickly stripped of the sponsorship kit after officials deemed the jerseys emblazoned with the site’s logo “totally inappropriate.”

As tempting as it is to urge PornHub on, we’re not convinced that success for the company would be such a great thing for fans. Just imagine how distracting the constant reminder of PornHub would be while watching a game. Your team scores? Celebrate with PornHub! Your team is losing? Raise your spirits with PornHub! Halftime? Pornhub! Tracking shot of the crowd captures a comely Italian fan? PronHub! By the end of 90 minutes, you’ll be lucky if you’ve watched nine. 

h/t Vice Sports