Posterized! DeAndre Jordan breaks internet, Brandon Knight’s Will to Live

The Clippers’ center gives his high-flying teammate some serious competition

The Clippers’ center gives his high-flying teammate some serious competition

When the Los Angeles Clippers signed all-world point guard Chris Paul in the off-season, members of the team were positively giddy at the prospect of the league’s best floor general setting them up for thunderous dunk after thunderous dunk. “It’s going to be lob city!” shouted Blake Griffin to teammate DeAndre Jordan upon hearing the news. But it wasn’t until last night that Lob City reached it’s absolute peak, and it wasn’t even Griffin on the receiving end. After staking his claim for dunk of the year with this bonkers

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globetrotter-esque alley-oop

 from Jamal Crawford last week, Griffin was forced to hand off his crown to Jordan, who positively eviscerated Pistons guard Brandon Knight on — you guessed it — a picture-perfect lob from Chris Paul.

The dunk not only left Knight prone on the floor, looking like Apollo Creed in

Rocky 3

(i.e., DEAD), it also set the Twitterverse ablaze, and turned the Staples Center into a madhouse.

“That was the best dunk of the year and the best I’ve seen in person,” said Griffin, who knows something about posterizing an opponent.

“Usually I get that dunk and nobody is right there,” said Jordan. “This is the first time somebody tried to block it.” Let it be said, Knight is probably wishing he didn’t try to get in Jordan’s way, but at least he had a sense of humor about it: 

But the dude really should have known better. After all this isn’t the first time Jordan has dunked over an undersized opponent:

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