Give It Up For the Female Powerlifter Who Booted and Rallied Like a Champion

“I’m actually proud of myself.”

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As a powerlifter, there are a handful of ways to go viral, and none of them are good. You can suffer a horrifying injury, crap on the floor or, as Orlando-based lifter Brianna Otto recently demonstrated, yak all over the judges in the middle of a competition.

Don’t feel bad about laughing, she laughed too. In an Instagram post, Otto made fun of herself for “taking it up a notch” with the projectile vomiting and tried a new nickname for size: The Puke Princess.

She also wrote, “I’m not embarrassed nor ashamed of this I’m actually proud of myself for not giving up like most lifters would!” 

Good for her. A lot of people would try to bury that kind of mortifying Linda Blair moment. But there’s no need. Even those who have seen very little powerlifting know that the unintended release of bodily fluids is sometimes part of the sport. Best to embrace the puke, and when strangers draw terrible pictures of your exorcism, post them online yourself and revel in your newfound fame.

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