Watch the Glorious Return of the 'Power Rangers' In Action-Packed New Trailer

Prepare to indulge in some serious '90s nostalgia...
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The first trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers movie focused heavily on the origin story of the rangers—a crew of high-school misfits who, after stumbling upon some sort of grounded space ship, develop superhuman strength and an all-consuming need to wear colorful plastic suits.

Now, the new trailer finally shows us some action, treating us to the Rangers vs. Repulsa-led alien invasion that thrilled audiences on the kid-friendly TV show back in the '90s. An unrecognizable Elizabeth Banks makes for a formidable, if not totally batshit insane, Rita Repulsa, but not to fear: the rangers have Zordon—now a talking, high-tech wall played by Bryan Cranston—by the side.

Power Rangers hits theaters on March 24, 2017.