Watch The Intense New Trailer For the ‘Power Rangers’ Reboot

Elizabeth Banks will be a perfect Rita Repulsa.

New York Comic Con provides a wealth of fun new stuff for costumed super fans in addition to new media for the geek in everyone. One of the more exciting aspects is how it also often gives us thrilling first looks at highly anticipated upcoming films and shows. 

Among the first out of the gate: a trailer for Power Rangers, the cinematic reboot of the old kid-friendly action show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. 

If you were a fan of the show and are looking to introduce kids to it with the movie, the trailer comes as a bit of a surprise. It starts out feeling like a redux of The Breakfast Club before moving into territory reminiscent of movies from recent years as different as Chronicle and the Iron Man films.

A big bonus? We finally see Elizabeth Banks in character as the film’s villain. It’s a brief clip, but it looks like her Rita Repulsa may provide some actual scares compared to the campy Rita from the original show.  

Power Rangers may not just be for the kids anymore.