WATCH: The Exclusive Premiere of Classified’s Star-Studded Video For ‘No Pressure’

Catch cameos by Ron Jeremy, Snoop Dogg, and Tom Green.

East Coast rapper Classified is gearing up to release his latest album, Greatful, on January 15. The sixteen track album was self-produced by Classified and recorded at a studio in Nova Scotia, which sounds serene as hell, especially given the “un-classified” intel that Snoop Dogg collaborated on the album. If he found his way to the studio it’s 100% certain that he filled its interior with extra serenity, and by serenity, we mean pot smoke. 

Today we’re premiering the video for the first single off the new album, “No Pressure,” which features cameos from Ron Jeremy, Snoop Dogg, and Tom Green

“I was trying to make a fun record with a bit of a conscious vibe to it,” Classified says about the new album and the new video. “I think everybody faces pressures in life, from one thing or another and we all have different ways of dealing with it. We all face the consequences of our decision. The East coast/West coast feel comes from the sample in the chorus. I wanted someone from the West coast on the track and who better than Snoop Dogg. I’ve been a fan since ’92 so that was bucket list material.”

Classified is headed out on a pretty lengthy tour to promote the new album, and all dates will be updated on his website