Prince Charming Lets Girlfriend Take Home Run Ball To The Face

The good news is, they have a comfy couch.

The good news is, they have a comfy couch.

C’mon, bro, you’ve got to lay out in times like that.

This “man” (to use the term loosely) likely slept on the couch last night after letting a home run ball smack his girlfriend in the head during Tuesday night’s game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

In the top of the seventh, Pete Kozma crushed a Heath Bell fastball deep into left-center field, knocking it over the wall where the ball appeared to cream a young lady who was sitting with her boyfriend on the second deck (via Deadspin).

Well, she had been sitting with her boyfriend—that is, until he saw the ball flying toward them and hopped out of the way like a little kid fleeing from a bee. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a man leave his lady high and dry at the ballpark, and likens itself to another now-famous incident involving Bo “the Bailer,” a Houston Astros fan who sidestepped out of the way of a foul ball in 2010 and left his girlfriend wide open to take the damage.

The moment brings us to an age-old argument: Should grown men bring gloves to baseball games?

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