Staring at Prince’s Passport Photo Is the Only Thing Stopping Me From Breaking Down in Tears

Thank you, Prince.

My passport photo is bad. I’m not saying this to fish for compliments, because it’s so terrible that it’s become a conversation starter and if there’s anything I love in this world, it’s talking about myself. So back to me: I’m 20 or 21 in this photo, and very obviously residually drunk. My face is a little puffy, my eyes glassy, and I’m smirking. My hair cannot be contained within the confines of the photo.

I’m a little older now. I try not to drink on weeknights. I eat high-fiber cereal and watch Dateline on a regular basis. My hair is still out of control. When I pull out my passport every few months, it’s a nice reminder of when I used to be a certifiable hot mess. 

Know who’s never been a hot mess in his entire life? Prince

The musician shared his new passport photo on Twitter, as one does, and he is a VISION. His makeup is precise and his smize on point. He ignored conventional wisdom that says you shouldn’t wear prints in photos, because he’s Prince, and it works for him. He is glowing, both literally and figuratively. Take a look for yourself: 

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Anyways, I’m having kind of a weird week, wondering what I’m doing with my life and staring at this photo is really therapeutic for me. So thank you, Prince. If you’re feeling shitty I suggest just making this full-screen and staring at it for 10-minute increments. It’s like a SAD lamp but cheaper and not approved by the FDA. 

Is this whole post a cry for help? Well yeah, but so is everything I write.