Professional Baseball Player Sidelined Because His Tattoo Hurt

No word if he will be placed on the IR for his “wittle boo-boo.”

No word if he will be placed on the IR for his “wittle boo-boo.”

(Photo: @ElvisAndrusSS1)

It must be spring training, because we are right on track as far as knuckle-headed injuries are concerned, with the latest being a tattoo fiasco brought to you by the Texas Rangers’ Elvis Andrus.

According to Gerry Fraley of Dallas Morning News (h/t Hardball Talk), it seems the shortstop was scratched from the lineup on Thursday because of a baseball-related injury—which is my term for an injury that is so bizarre and out of the ordinary that it could only happen to an MLB player. 

“Elvis Andrus not playing today for Rangers. New and elaborate tattoo caused “sensitivity” in left biceps.” – Gerry Fraley

The tat is of the 24-year-old’s late father, so there is something very wonderful about the fresh ink. But this isn’t about a tremendous sentiment that will be with the shortstop for eternity.

It’s about dumb baseball injuries.

Applaud the tattoo all you want, because I will join you. At the same time, I will chuckle and shake my head at yet another baseball injury that would never allow the average person to leave work early, let alone get a day off. 

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