Psychic Predicts How Puppy Bowl Will End

Spoiler: Always bet on Butterscotch.

We already got early Super Bowl predictions from psychics, but what will happen in the game that people actually care about – the Puppy Bowl? We asked pet psychic Charles Peden to tell us how it will play out — other than adorably.

There are no winners in the Puppy Bowl, but can you sense how many touchdowns there are going to be?

I want to say about eight. 

Which pooch will be named Most Valuable Puppy?

I keep seeing a yellow lab pup named Butterscotch. 

What breeds will dominate?

I know the lab is going to be one of them. The other one that I would be very concerned about would be a pug. Pugs are born with natural cuteness that you can’t shake off. It’s impossible.

What will be the cutest moment? 

It’s going to be a tug-of war, kind of a conjoint touchdown, where you have two dogs on it at the same time. Teamwork. 

Do you see any scandals?

Yes, I do. I see a definite penalty for wetting the playing field.