Watch Puff Daddy Literally Burn Money in His Video For ‘Blow a Check’

Zoey Dollaz and French Montana make appearances too.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to roll up a hundred dollar bill, set it aflame, and then use it to light a joint or something?

I personally wonder if burning money has a specific smell. Does it smell like burning leaves? Or more like a burning trash bag filled with discarded rubber gloves? I wonder if you’d get a contact high off of burning money on account of the fact that supposedly 90% of it has traces of cocaine all up on it

Anyway, these are just a few things I thought about while watching Puff Daddy’s latest video for ‘Blow a Check (Bad Boy Remix),’ which features Zoey Dollaz and French Montana. The track is off of his most recent album MMM, which can be streamed for free any ‘ol time you want, and will indulge all of your money burning fantasies.

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If after watching that you’re like “but wait, I want more,” then here — watch this behind the scenes video:

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