Meet the Villian From Marvel's Jessica Jones in This New Trailer

He knows her secrets, and he is terrifying.
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Netflix has released yet another teaser for Marvel's Jessica Jones, and this one is slightly less frustrating than what we've already seen — but no less tantalizing.

For the first time in the protracted promotion campaign, a character speaks — but not Jones (Krysten Ritter). It's her evil arch enemy Zebediah Killgrave aka The Purple Man, who really knows how to get inside Jessica's head. (He might actually *be* in her head? Unclear.)

"Jessica...I know your secrets", Purple Man (David Tennant) menacingly taunts Jones while she is working late at Alias Investigations assembling a photo board of clues. "I know about your friends. I know about your gift. Jessica Jones, I know everything!" And then things get even creepier. 

We can't wait until November 21 when Netflix drops the full season of Jessica Jones. But we'll take a few more trailers between now and then.