Meet the Villian From Marvel’s Jessica Jones in This New Trailer

He knows her secrets, and he is terrifying.

Netflix has released yet another teaser for Marvel’s Jessica Jones, and this one is slightly less frustrating than what we’ve already seen — but no less tantalizing.

For the first time in the protracted promotion campaign, a character speaks — but not Jones (Krysten Ritter). It’s her evil arch enemy Zebediah Killgrave aka The Purple Man, who really knows how to get inside Jessica’s head. (He might actually *be* in her head? Unclear.)

“Jessica…I know your secrets”, Purple Man (David Tennant) menacingly taunts Jones while she is working late at Alias Investigations assembling a photo board of clues. “I know about your friends. I know about your gift. Jessica Jones, I know everything!” And then things get even creepier. 

We can’t wait until November 21 when Netflix drops the full season of Jessica Jones. But we’ll take a few more trailers between now and then.