Putin Goes Action Hero In Commercial For Press Conference

As Russia’s economy tanks, state television is running an advertisement for his upcoming press conference that looks like the next Transformers.

Over the last week, Russia’s economy has plunged as gas prices have dropped across the globe. President Vladimir Putin, already feeling the squeeze over financial sanctions that the global community placed following his invasion of Crimea, is in a tough spot. A crumbling economy. A desperate citizenry. Enemies abroad. What’s a demagogue to do? Get crazy.

Check out the trailer below for Putin’s press conference tomorrow night where he’ll discuss the future of the country. And this isn’t some sensationalistic cable news outfit. This is how state television Is covering it. C-Span this is not.


With images of current global events interspersed with Russian achievement, seems like Putin is prepping for a serious announcement that will try to solidify his grip on Russia. If you’re a citizen of a small, bordering, former Soviet state, I would seriously consider a Christmas vacation to, geez, the Dominican Republic? American Samoa? Somewhere far, far away from Russia.

One half-expects Putin to step to the podium, shirtless, a bloody headband holding back his newly-grown flaxen locks, and speak only three words: “Who. Has. Questions?”

Photos by Associated Press