Q: Eminem, Where Have You Been?

A: Going back to high school! Or, more specifically, making funny videos about going back to high school.

After five years away, Eminem is back. You know this, I know this, Marshall knows this; he’s everywhere. Sadly for Em and those financially connected to his success, 2009 is a lot different than 2004. Pop culture is more dense than it’s ever been. The overwhelming number of blogs, tweets, and DVR’d “can’t miss” shows can make it difficult for even the biggest names to grab the public’s attention. It’s rough for Eminem’s team of publicists and label people, but it’s good for us—we’re treated to promo vehicles like Eminem, Where Have You Been, a fairly hilarious mock report on, yes, where Em has been the past five years.

The conceit is that Eminem, a high school dropout, has returned to the hallways, lockers and classrooms of secondary education in order to finally earn a hitherto elusive diploma. The video unveils a panorama of Eminem high school madness: he delivers an “oral report” stiff with innuendo; he hangs out at the comic book shop after school (pictured); he ends the beef between jocks and nerds. He even gets the girl—the girl teacher. Damn!

It’s the brand of humanizing humor Eminem has perfected over many years and videos. And if you think the clip has an MTV awards feel to it, pat yourself on the back and award yourself a GED: the piece is set to air during Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards. Where has Em been? Here has Em been: