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Maxim chats with Drew Magary about Irene, the Redskins, fantasy football teams, and Peyton Manning’s injury.

Maxim chats with Drew Magary about Irene, the Redskins, fantasy football teams, and Peyton Manning’s injury.

maxim: How’d Irene treat you down there in Maryland?

Bigdaddydrew: LEAVES!



maxim: There was a lot of alarmist stuff going on, but I’d much rather have it that way. I’m glad all my fellow NYers were still here for me to give the finger to on the street this morning.

But the worst part was that though I had cable, the 24-hour news coverage on all of the networks seriously hampered my sports-watching.

I saw nothing this weekend.

It was almost weird to see sports on the TV.

It was like, “Don’t you know we’re all supposed to be huddled in the basement right now?”

Like on one channel the weatherman is telling you you’re about to die.

Then on the other channel, two football teams are playing and letting you know how big of a pussy you are.

maxim: You saw football? I literally could not find football. Maybe I wasn’t trying hard enough.

Lemme ask you about your Redskins: You’ve got a bit of a QB controversy going on there, don’t you! Or something.

Bigdaddydrew: MY Redskins?

I live here, but fuck them in the hat.

Also, not a controversy.

Beck will start.

Grossman will sit.

And both are horrible.

No matter what crazed Skins fans might tell you after watching those three preseason games.

Preseason is like a whole other sport.

Even when the starters play each other.

maxim: Yeah, preseason is useless to judge anything by. For instance: Are we going to be proven wrong on Cam Newton? Because in preseason, he’s looked pretty good.

Bigdaddydrew: He went 6 for 19.

That is decidedly not good.

He’ll have a shitty year.

Rookies always do, but especially ones as far behind as Newton.

maxim: He hasn’t looked *totally* clueless to me though. Unlike Tebow, say, who plays like his head is just full of fluffy lamb’s wool.

The lamb OF GOD.

I dunno.

I think Newton will look okay against shitty teams and look awful against real defenses.

maxim: The Lions are also looking pretty good. Are they just sprinkled with preseason magic dust, or are they gonna be for real?

Bigdaddydrew: It’s so hard to say they’ll be for real when they’ve spent so long being awful.

Plus a lot of people are talking them up now which just makes it worse.

And Stafford has still never played a full season.

So you have to hold yourself back when you look at Detroit and Washington playing well and be like, “God, by October they could both be eating shit.”

Not saying they will.

But given their pedigrees…

maxim: Do you feel like everyone’s trying to pretend Peyton Manning’s neck injury is a big deal just to attempt to drum up some intrigue around him? He’s still going to be as boringly good (in the regular season, that is!) as ever. No?

Bigdaddydrew: I took Romo over him in my fantasy draft.

I think I just got Irened.

I think the Collins thing freaked everyone out.

Because the Colts never did that before.

They usually just kept a small rodent around to take the backup slot.

I dunno.

Maybe Jim Irsay is secretly a genius.

Maybe he wants everyone to think Peyton is badly hurt only to spring a fully armed and operational Manning on everyone.

But I dunno man.

He’s not getting any younger.

maxim: Good thing they gave him $90 million a month ago!

Bigdaddydrew: It’s Peyton Manning.

It’s not like you can’t pay him.

maxim: Why doesn’t anyone say that about us?

“It’s Maria Fontoura. C’mon.”

Bigdaddydrew: Because you don’t study film.

maxim: I study cable television like a mofo though.

Hey, your book [The Postmortal] is out this week, yes?

Bigdaddydrew: Tomorrow.

maxim: There was a thing in the Times this weekend about how it would suck if we could live forever. And I was thinking as I was reading it, “Yeah, Times writer. There’s a whole book about this. Get on board.” Sheesh.

I know.

Fucking Torchwood.

Well good luck with it. I’m enjoying so far!