‘Quartship’ Episode 4: ‘Queen of Abs’ Santia Deck Knights Paul ‘Prince’ Mompremier

This was a double tie-breaker.

Quartship‘s fourth episode streamed on Thursday August 27th, and featured so-called “Queen of Abs” and professional female football player Santia Deck (@trackbaby001).Santia—also a social media influencer with over 600,000 engaged and loyal Instagram followers—is a former college track and field athlete who recently made history by becoming the highest-paid woman to play professional football. 

That multimillion-dollar deal with the WFLA is just the latest success for the published author, fitness model, TV personality, public speaker, and social media consultant.

Quartship, Video Still
Left to right: Santia Deck, host Jeff Watkins, and Paul Mompremier.

Three dynamic contestants competed for Santia’s attention and hopefully, an online date: Bodybuilder and IFBB classic physique competitor Corey Pickens (@theinfamousck6), Detroit-based business owner and fitness products supplier Milton Putman (@completedominance), and entrepreneur and motivational speaker Paul “Prince” Mompremier (@princepaul954).

Each contestant had sixty seconds to win over their social media crush by scoring in three categories: creativity, impact, and attractiveness. Their crush scores them on a scale of 1 to 10 for each, and the contestant with the highest score at the end wins an online date.

Quartship creator and host Jeff A. Watkins began episode 4 with an earnest reminder to join in solidarity with other executives and athletes from the BIPOC community to call to action for change and equality in response to the recent shooting of Jacob Blake.

Clockwise from top: Santia Deck, Corey Pickens, Milton Putman, Paul “Prince” Mompremier, host Jeff Watkins.

While Quartship is all about lightheartedness and fun, for those whose dating lives have been interrupted by the pandemic, it is also a platform for women to find genuine old-school romance.

Santia joined the show eager to meet someone who could keep up with her busy schedule. She says she is the perfect mix of “tomboy” and “girly-girl” and admitted it’s been a challenge to find quality men with “no shenanigans.” 

But she was open to finding a match. This set the stage for the contestants to prove that they could be the king for this “Queen of Abs.” First up was Corey Pickens. He presented Santia with an inspirational picture board and banner highlighting her achievements and cheering her on to continued success. Corey’s thoughtful presentation earned him a high score of 9.7. 

Clockwise from top: Santia Deck, Corey Pickens, and host Jeff Watkins.

Next, Milton Putman stepped into the spotlight with a creative invitation to a game of chess to show how the two would play well together. He also offered his own abs for her admiration. 

Milton’s six-pack game was strong, but not strong enough. He earned a score of 7.3. Finally, Paul Mompremier literally dived right in. For his approach to his Crush, the man nicknamed “Prince” swam across a pool biting a rose stem. This earned him a score of 9.7.

Corey and Paul were tied then, both with a score a 9.7. During the tiebreaker, Santia asked each man a personal question meant to reveal their softer sides. Asked, “How important is your relationship with God in your life?” Paul affirmed his strong faith with the powerful phrase, “Prayer, patience and persistence.” 

Corey tearfully responded that he had lost his grandfather—a pastor and his personal guide—this year. Such brave and genuine responses from both men led to yet another tie.

So Quartship headed into double overtime and Santia posed her final question: “What would your ex say you did wrong in the last relationship?” 

Corey admitted to not opening up enough. Paul admitted to not acknowledging his ex’s feelings.

Quartship, Video Still

Santia confessed that she was attracted to both remaining contestants—but she finally chose Paul, feeling that he was the most prepared. Needless to say, he was happy; Paul jumped up and down, overcome with joy. Here’s what Santia gets if things go well with Paul “Prince” Mompremier: A Dallas, Texas-based model, realtor, credit repair specialist, Speaker and self-published author who is also soon to be certified personal trainer. 

In the mission statement for his brand, Prince Motivation, Paul says that “Prayer, Patience, and Persistence will get you through any obstacles in life.”

Tune in to the next episode airing Thursday at 9 pm EST on Maxim’s Youtube and on Facebook Live to experience a live display of old-school romance and talent on Quartship.

For more information, visit www.quartship.com.