‘Quartship’ Episode 5: Crush Zahra Elise Charmed By Old Soul Nick Choi

The gorgeous Navy veteran and young currency trader could teach each other a thing or two.

The fifth episode of Quartship starring actress, entrepreneur, and U.S. Navy veteran crush Zahra Elise (@zahraelise) aired on Thursday, September 3rd, .   

San Francisco Bay Area native Zahra Elise burst onto the modeling scene in early 2017 after serving over four years of active duty in the United States Navy. She was a part of Nick Cannon’s hit show Wild ‘N Out season ten on MTV. She also had a cameo in the comedy Tijuana Jackson directed by Romany Malco. Additionally, Zahra has appeared in music videos for Bay Area legend E40, Partynextdoor, Meek Mill, and Plies to name a few. Her latest ventures include releasing new merch and art collections for her brand ZahraElise.com, a new Youtube channel and a podcast, Baked ZeeDee Show and growing her following on her OnlyFans page. 

Quartship Video Stills
Clockwise from top: Zahra Elise, Nick Choi, Darius Yaites, Brandon Cole, and host Jeff Watkins. 

The three eager contestants and fans who went head to head in the effort to win a virtual date with Zahra were: entrepreneur and currency trader Nick Choi (@chinofx21), bilingual primary school educator and yoga enthusiast Darius Yaites (@eyemoet), and personal trainer and hip hop choreographer Brandon Cole (@just_do_it_cole).

Each contestant came to the competition prepared with a 60-second pitch. With the pitch–or “approach” as they call it on the show–the contestant has an opportunity to woo, charm, and impress their social media crush. 

Zahra Elise then scored their performance across three categories: creativity, impact and attraction.

Quartship Video Still

Nick Choi was the first contestant to make his approach. 

He shared a thoughtful presentation using four plants, each one representing a different facet of a romantic relationship. Zahra connected with this concept of nurturing and gave Nick an overall score of 8.0. 

Next, Darius Yaites presented a cartoon storybook on how he would spend his time with Zahra. He highlighted her favorite activities such as eating pizza and staying active. This won a few laughs from Zahra but he earned a score of 7.3. 

Finally, Brandon Cole busted out his dancing skill to a Lil Jon track. Zahra enjoyed the performance, but ultimately Brandon scored a 6.7.

Clockwise from top: Zahra Elise, Nick Choi, host Jeff Watkins

Nick emerged victorious in the end, maintaining his lead from start to finish. 

Nick Choi was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He grew up shooting hoops and ultimately played competitively at Santiago College in California. His passion for currency trading, however, prompted him to leave school and pursue it full time. Nick is currently in a foreign currency trading course, developing his networking platform and hard at work on his real estate license.

In recapping their thoughts on the experience, Zahra and Nick both observed that they could teach each other a thing or two despite a significant age difference.

Tune in to the next episode of Quartship on Thursday at 9 pm EST on Maxim Youtube and Facebook Live to see a recap of recent winners’ virtual dates—and a new talent lineup.

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