‘Quartship’ Episode 9: Contestant Wins Over Crush Elizabeth Gullickson With Mad Video Skills

Danny Evans blew away his competition by cleverly editing himself into Lizz’s own video.

Images courtesy Quartship contestants.

Quartship‘s 9th episode streamed on Thursday, October 15th, and featured Crush Elizabeth Gullickson (@lizzgullickson), a former Miss Black Minnesota from St. Paul. 

Lizz—who won Miss Congeniality in the 2014 pageant as well—is currently a marketing consultant, model, and actress. She co-directs the Frank Adams 5K Walk/Run in honor of her late father and is also the co-founder for the K.I.D.S. Empowerment summer camp held in Minnesota.

Clockwise from top: Lizz Gullickson, Shavon Smith, De’Corio Milton, Danny Evans, host Jeff Watkins.

Our three Contestants to win a date with online crush Lizz were U.S. veteran and cinematographer Shavon Smith (@shavongiovanni), entrepreneur and actor De’Corio Milton (@decoriotheactor), and digital marketer and creative director Danny Evans (@billionairedanny).

Shavon was up first in the Approach phase when contestants make their play for the Crush’s attention. He presented a short video of himself weightlifting in the gym to show that he’s a hard worker. Shavon followed that with a virtual “golden ticket” that he loaded with perks. Lizz gave him a 7.0. 

Next up was De’Corio. In his own video, he shared his vision of being Lizz’s new bae, but he tied with Shavon with another 7.0. 

Danny cleverly created a skit based on one of Lizz’s very own acting reels found on her Youtube channel. He smoothly edited in footage of himself with her on a date. Danny’s creativity, cleverness, and skill earned him a 9.3, making him the runaway winner.

Jeff Watkins; Lizz Gullickson

Episode 9 was not without surprises: Danny, who is also an actor and director from Atlanta, confessed at the end that he had actually met Lizz some time ago during a photoshoot. Everyone was excited about Danny’s new opportunity to connect with Lizz.

Danny’s skills with video were no surprise, given he has been an entrepreneur for 10 years with his eyes fixed on success in the movie industry.

Quartship is broadcast live weekly across Maxim’s Youtube and Facebook channels. Tune in to the next episode streaming on Thursday at 9 pm EST for more good vibes, fun, and a chance to witness old school charm live with a new lineup of talented contestants on Quartship!

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