Quick! Pour These Beers In Your Face-Hole!

These seasonal beers are about to be gone again until next winter, so drink ’em while you can.

Spring is so close we can feel it—or we imagine we would, if our extremities weren’t frozen. But at least we have these seasonal winter brews to keep us warm until this frozen hell hath thawed. Happy New York Beer Week!

Sam Adams Alpine Spring

Don’t be fooled by the name of this seasonal beer from the Boston brewer; it’s a winter treat, though one that signals the impending arrival of warmer days. Made with Tettnang Tettnanger hops, it’s a medium-bodied lager that boasts crisp, citrusy notes, and pairs well with brunch foods and desserts. Speaking of hops, Alpine Spring is only available til March, so you’d better hop to it.

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

A time-honored way to celebrate the fact that it’s still cold as balls outside, Celebration Ale has been brewing since 1981. Its bold, wintry flavor reflects the use of Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook hops, and with a 6.85 ABV it’s the perfect complement to any activity—except maybe driving or operating heavy machinery. Try it with tangy foods like fish and chips or stinky cheeses.

Newcastle Winter IPA

A cold-weather brew that seeks to recreate the original India Pale Ale recipes of the 1700s. Hoppy, malty, and crisp but with a smooth finish, it almost makes us want to further explore the catalog of British pale ales. But we probably won’t, because this is America, and when we’re not pretending to be beer snobs, we’re usually just shot-gunning Coors Light in the back of a van.

Brooklyn Winter Ale

Brooklyn Summer Ale is a go-to for beer-lovers, and it turns out that their winter varietal is no slouch either. A malty, Scottish-style ale made with Willamette hops, it pairs well with heavy dishes like steaks, pork, and stews, and is also suitable for cooking—as in this recipe for Carbonade Australien, which appears to be a fancy word for “lamb.” Give it a whirl before it goes into hibernation in March.

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