Quiz: Whose Voice Is That?

You don’t have to go to the movies to catch your favorite actors. Can you guess the celebrity voiceover featured in these ads?

*Answers at the bottom of the page! 

1. Follow Your NOLA

Hint: For a good time, you should call this guy. 

2. 2014 S-Class Mercedes-Benz 

Hint: You wouldn’t want to make him mad.

3. Olive Garden

Hint: She’s one mod mom. 

4. Oscar Mayer

Hint: He’d be a cool person to hang with on a lazy Sunday

5. Dish Network

Hint: She always seems super fun.

6. LifeLock

Hint: If we could, we’d chill with this guy on the daily

7. Chobani

Hint: He used to be in the revenge business.

8. Nationwide

Hint: She’s one of the prettiestA-listers

9. Planters Peanuts

Hint: He knows about all of New York’s hottest clubs.

10. Home Depot

Hint: He’s firm, but fair. 

11. Applebee’s 

Hint: At this point in his career, he probably feels like a boss


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1. John Goodman, 2. Jon Hamm, 3. Julie Bowen, 4. Chris Parnell, 5. Rebel Wilson, 6. Rob Riggle, 7. Mandy Patinkin,  8. Julia Roberts, 9. Bill Hader 10. Josh Lucas 11. Jason Sudeikis