R. Kelly And Phoenix Team Up To Conquer Coachella

More evidence that “Ignition” is the song of the century.

Is “Ignition (Remix)” the best song of the millennium? It’s beginning to seem like it, as R. Kelly’s 2003 breezy ode to late-night debauchery has steadily infiltrated pop culture. On Saturday, a decade after the song’s release, R. Kelly took the stage with Phoenix to slay the crowd at Coachella with a remix of the remix: Kelly singing about after-parties in hotel lobbies over the French pop savants’ “1901.” It’s probably safe to assume this is the only R. Kelly track that could prompt tens of thousands of dehydrated hipsters in the California desert to stop everything and sing along. And it’s almost certainly the only R. Kelly song they know all the words to.


Phoenix’s Bankrupt is out April 22. 

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