In a Race Between a Lamborghini and a Biplane, Everyone Wins

Five wheels, two wings, and an ungodly amount of smoke.

We bet you didn’t know this existed: muscle planes. Like their automotive counterparts, muscle-planes are reinforced, up-rated versions of more basic models. Keep that in mind while reading the following paragraph.

Skip Stewart, the pilot in charge of the Skip Stewart Airshows, took his 400-horsepower, highly modified Pitts aerobatic aircraft to the dragstrip, er, runway, and pitted it against a stock, 500-horsepower Lamborghini Gallardo. As if that inter-species competition isn’t insane enough, Skip flies his plane mere inches from the low, low roof of the yellow Lambo, a cloud of smoke billowing behind so thick that it obscures the finish. No one cares. Awesome won.