Rachel McAdams Is Becoming a Superhero

After her confirming her new role in Doctor Strange during TIFF, we wonder who the standout True Detective starlet might get the chance to play.

The M.C.U just landed another leading lady in the form of the gorgeous Rachel McAdams, and we can’t be more thrilled. Known for her earlier roles in The Notebook and Mean Girls, the former Ms. George shifted gears and has taken on darker, grittier roles, which we suspect is what put her on Marvel’s radar.

While Marvel and McAdams ink up a deal (that’ll probably consist of multiple films, because that’s just how they roll), we’re left to wonder just who she’ll be cast as. The prominance of women in the Marvel Universe has altered significantly, going all the way from assistant-like Pepper Potts to ultra-powerful Wanda Maximoff, With the line-up constantly changing, it’s about that time that another woman would have a chance to kick a little ass every now and then. With that being said, there are a handful of characters that have potential to appear in 2016’s Doctor Strange opposite Benedict Cumberbatch. Here’s a rundown of our potential suspects:


The obvious choice, the sorceress and master of the mystical arts starts out on the opposing side before she joins forces with Strange (and he puts a ring on it). Out of our list, she’s the most notable, as well as the obvious choice if they choose to follow comic book lore. We’d be extremely happy with this, especially since it means the female lead wouldn’t be a whiny, damsel in distress. We’re talking about you, Jane Foster.

Morgana Blessing

Not as magically inclined as Clea, Morgana Blessing is an author who gets involved with Strange after crossing paths during a bank robbery. Her fascination of the occult and strange occurrences could be what sets the doctor on his path to sorcery, with some minor tweaks here and there. Morgana also falls for Strange’s brother, Victor, and not the titular hero himself, unless we see some custom material.


After casting news that Tilda Swinton would play the Ancient One, a role originally set as male, who’s to say that they couldn’t switch it up with Doctor Strange’s sidekick? We don’t see anything wrong if this comes to fruition, except maybe a name change and less use of the word ‘manservant.’

The Mistress of Death

While Doctor Strange somehow missed the memo and won’t be in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, there still has to be some way that they’ll tie in the master of sorcery in with the rest of the Scooby Gang. One guess would be introducing the Mistress of Death, who has encountered Strange a handful of times. She’s also the love interest to big bad Thanos and plays a big part of the Infinity Gauntlet storyline, which means a lot for the next Avengers release. This role would be a pretty big step in a dark direction for McAdams, but after witnessing her dabble in the art of knife play these past few Sunday, she’d definitely be able to handle herself just fine.

Photos by Steve Granitz/WireImage