‘Rambo: New Blood’ Has a Director, But No One Can Replace Sylvester Stallone

Is it truly Rambo without Sly?


Sylvester Stallone is 70 years old, but age hasn’t necessarily stopped him from doing action flicks. Hell, he was boldly shirtless in 2013’s Bullet to the Head at an age when many men are retired and just happy they can get through a night without losing sleep to their uncooperative bladders. 

Still, it doesn’t come as a surprise that THR is reporting Stallone definitely won’t be playing John Rambo in a future reboot.

The title of the in-development film—which THR reports will be directed by Ariel Vromen, who helmed Kevin Costner’s Criminal—pretty much telegraphs the fact a new, younger actor will don savage former commando John Rambo’s iconic bandanna:

Titled Rambo: New Blood, the new reboot would not see Stallone return as the action hero, like he did in Millennium’s 2008 outting, but would see a younger actor inhabit the role. The company is looking at Rambo as a character akin to James Bond. 

Treating Rambo as up for grabs like Bond makes a lot of sense. Still, the actor who takes over shirtless, machine-gun wielding duties from the legend will have some huge shoes to fill. 

We’d make our suggestions but who knows who is ready to get inside such a grim character? Let the fan casting begin.

h/t The Hollywood Reporter


Steve Huff