UFC Legend Randy Couture Rescues Family From Car Wreck

What a guy.


If a UFC legend pulls a family from a crashed car in the Mexican jungle and no one is there to see it, how will the world ever know it happened? 

TMZ, of course. 

Randy Couture recently caught up with the website to relay this heroic tale, which took place on a road between Cancun’s airport and Couture’s hotel. “It was definitely one of those ‘Oh shit’ moments,” he told TMZ Sports. “The minivan in front of us went off the road…and started flipping and rolling.”

After his driver pulled over, Couture ran to the van and started pulling people to safety. “I was surprised because I thought there was going to be dead bodies by the way that car flipped over, but fortunately no one was injured,” he said. The whole thing was over fast, he recalls, and the police were on the scene not long after he saved the day. 

Couture’s telling of the story is more modest than his girlfriend’s, who compared Captain America’s action to another superhero. 

“He literally leaps out like Superman. He just kept pulling people out. The little girl and then the woman. He’s actually carrying someone and she’s bleeding on him,” she told TMZ in astonishment.

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