Sink Your Teeth Into the First Trailer for the French Cannibal Flick ‘Raw’

See the film that had grown men fainting in theaters.

At this point, horror audiences have become so inured to blood and guts that stories of people fainting during The Exorcist and Psycho sound quaint and downright ludicrous. Maybe you’ll now see why in the new trailer for Raw, the French cannibal film so extreme it caused audience members to pass out at both Cannes and Toronto film festivals last year. 

The grisly trailer somehow exceeds expectations set by stories of paramedics being called to screenings. The trailer, which has no dialogue but strong, stomach-churning visuals, introduces us to Justine, a bright-yet-naive student in her first year of veterinary school. She’s a strict vegetarian but after being forced to eat raw rabbit kidney during a hazing ritual, she in time switches to a more… um… flesh-based diet. 

Critics who were able to stomach the film say it’s so much more than a teen cannibal horror flick. Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian wrote, “It’s also a complex drama of adulthood, sex, conformity, hazing, body image and lust,” just with a few severed appendages thrown in for good measure. 

Raw has its US premiere on March 10. Go with an open mind and empty stomach.