Ray Lewis’ Greatest Hits

We’ll miss you, Ray. But these guys won’t.

We’ll miss you, Ray. But these guys won’t.

Ray Lewis, vaunted Ravens’ linebacker and undocumented patron of Disney theme parks, announced today that he will retire after this season. We usually don’t need an excuse to watch some players get their block knocked off, but in celebration of one of the best block-knocker-offers of our time, we couldn’t resist bringing you five of Ray Lewis’ many bone-crushing hits.

Jets’ TE Dustin Keller stands 6’2, one inch taller than Lewis, and weighs the same. Does that intimidate the human heat-seeking missile? No sir, it does not.

Former Titans’ fullback Ahmard Hall thought that he would try to stay in bounds instead of ducking out at the end of this pass play. His foolishness was rewarded with a mouth full of helmet.

In this admittedly dirty hit, Ray Lewis comes cruising in laterally from across the field and doesn’t slow down until Chad Johnson, then Ochocinco, is tucked in and dreaming. Watching this live was a little troubling, as we were 90% sure we had just watched someone get their head literally knocked off.

A twofer! First, Ray takes Tom Santi onto his own personal (and painful) tilt-a-whirl, ending in a fumble. Most LBs would call it a day after that, but Ray had the thirst – later taking out Pierre Garçon. The commentators declare Garçon the winner for holding onto the ball. However, we’re not sure he felt like a winner later when he realized he no longer knew how to do math.

Ray Lewis pops Julian Edelman on the goal line so hard, that he seems a little dazed himself. Even Ray Lewis isn’t safe from the wrath of Ray Lewis.

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