Fans Caught This Rapper in a Lie About Flying on a Private Jet and Absolutely Roasted Him On Social Media

You can’t trust everything you see on Instagram.

Credit: Instagram

There’s a fine line between fame and shame. Earlier this week, Shad Moss, aka Lil Bow Wow, aka Bow Wow, decided to toe that line—only to get called out in a public, embarrassing, and hilarious fashion. 

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Bow Wow posted this pic of a private jet to his Instagram, obviously hoping to portray the luxurious lifestyle that you’d expect of a rapper who was popular over a decade ago. Mere moments after posting, one of Bow Wow’s Instagram followers noticed him sitting just across the aisle on a commercial flight to New York. What followed was one of the best call-outs we’ve ever seen on the internet.

Dozens of people used the opportunity to recreate their own faux-luxury posts in what’s now being called the #bowwowchallenge. Catchy, right?

To his credit, Bow Wow has kept a sense of humor about this, keeping up the original Instagram post in place and interacting with people on social media about it. 

In terms of promoting his new show, the unintentional hashtag can only be helping. Either way, we’re loving every time a new #BowWowChallenge post crops up and takes the craze to a new level.