The Real Fatty Manhattan

It's a Manhattan with bacon fat. We're guessing you're already sold.
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It's a Manhattan with bacon fat. We're guessing you're already sold.

Photo courtesy of the Fatty Crew

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We like booze. We like bacon. We like mixing unlikely things together and putting them in our mouths. Most of all, we like combining all those things at once and having our minds completely blown.

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So, predictably, when someone gives us a Manhattan that's made with bacon fat, we're going to be very happy about it. Especially when it tastes like a delicious whisky cocktail with a big, meaty aftertaste of glorious, salty pork product.

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The Real Fatty Manhattan is exclusive to the Brooklyn location of the deliciously wonderful Fatty 'Cue restaurant, but they decided to share the recipe with us after we repeatedly begged them in an increasingly creepy and unsettling manner.

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2 parts Buffalo Trace infused with Bacon

1 part Antica

Dash Angostura Bitters

Stir and serve in a chilled coupe glass

Add a slice of orange rind, or a cherry, if that's your thing

Easy, right? Well, making the bacon-infused bourbon is trickier, but here's how it's done. Mix 2oz liquid bacon fat with a bottle of Buffalo Trace, then freeze it. The fat will rise to the top – scrape it off and discard. Defrost the remaining liquid and strain it, and you'll have delicious, bacon-tasting whisky!

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