Real Joe Biden and The Onion’s Joe Biden Are Officially One

Our manliest VP is great at multitasking.

One of the best features on The Onion is their recurring Joe Biden coverage, in which the Vice President is depicted as a sketchy, freewheeling lothario with frat boy tendencies. (Sample headlines: “Biden Shares 20-Minute Post-Debate Kiss With Janna Ryan,” “Panicked Biden Interrupts State Of The Union To Ask If Erections Can Ever Be Medical Emergency,” “Biden Clenches Plastic Beer Cup In Teeth To Free Hands For Clapping,” “Biden Worries Legalized Weed In D.C. Will Cut Into His Business.”) They’re exaggerations, sure, but the best satire is always steeped in some truth: Remember when he got cozy with that biker on the campaign trail? Or even cozier with new Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s wife

Biden addressed the bro-y ne’er-do-well stereotypes in one, clever self-aware Vine released by the White House on Friday:

We can only hope that this is just the start of real Joe Biden channeling fake Joe Biden more often.

Photos by Associated Press