You Can Now Play Real-Life ‘Mario Kart’ on This Bonkers Multi-Level Race Track

Hell to the yes.

Mario Go Kart
Photo: Branson Tracks

You might kick your friend’s ass up and down the track in Nintendo’s immensely popular Mario Kart video games. How would you do if you could race in real life? 

The Track Family Fun amusement park in Branson, Missouri has crazy courses that will make you feel like you’re bolting through one of every ’90s kids favorite childhood racing games’ many levels. You won’t even need to dodge pesky banana peels or flying turtle shells. 

Heavy Metal Rise 

Image: Branson Tracks

The first of three different multi-level circuits is the Heavy Metal High Rise. A concrete course towers over four stories and offers three quarters of a mile of speedy driving surface just like Mario Kart 64’s urban raceway, Toad’s Turnpike.   

The Lumberjack

Image: Branson Tracks

The second course, dubbed the Lumberjack, takes racers through a wooden maze of spirals and blind peaks. The three-story circuit is more than slightly reminiscent of Mario Kart 64’s Banshee Boardwalk.  

Wild Woody

Image: Branson Tracks

With a giant wooden spiral at the center of the focal point of this four-story track, we can’t help but compare it to Mario Kart’s epic multiplayer Battle Map, Big Donut.  

If you’re not willing to make the trip to Branson, the park is opening another location in near Niagara Falls in 2018. 

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h/t: Lad Bible