The Real MVPs of the Drake Versus Meek Mill Beef

Because it definitely wasn’t Meek.

For the past week or so, we’ve been idly watching a back and forth between 6 god Drake and Meek “Twitter Fingers” Mill. (Yeah, it’s already clear whose side I’m on.)

In the middle of that whole Taylor Swift/Nicki Minaj thing, Meek took the opportunity to rehash his hurt feelings over his fellow artist’s decision to not tweet about his recently released album. Apparently, the subject was so sore Meek called Drizzy’s authenticity into question alleging that the former Degrassi star was still up to reciting lines written by others. That obviously did not go well.

After a weekend break, Drake put the beef to wax, dropping two diss tracks in quick succession. First was the relatively chill “Charged Up” where Jimmy knocks the Philly for “having trouble going gold,” followed by the “Back to Back” knock out with the aforementioned “trigger fingers turned to Twitter fingers” as well as a hit to the solar plexus: “Is that a world tour or your girl tour?” Meek’s “Wanna Know” response was laughable at best.

But the real winner of it all: people – read brands – who had nothing to do with it.

Toronto politician and apparent rap fan Norm Kelly threw a reference out that got him a definite bump in the Twitter polls. His ongoing coverage has garnered more than a few retweets. 

Of course Toronto wasn’t the only city with their eye on the fray.  Looks like Red Bull is definitely in Meek’s corner. Guess it takes more than wings to spit a few bars. 

And here come the beef puns.

Of course What-a-Burger, of all people, has the lesson in all of this.

Well played guys, well played.

Photos by Photo Left: Mark Robert Milan/FilmMagic; Photo Right: Prince Williams/WireImage